Thesis submission

Dear Students,
In the current semester the thesis works prepared at the Faculty of Horticultural Science have to be submitted only electronically. The pdf-version (with the Statement on public access and originality included) has to be uploaded in the e-learning system of the university, the hardcopy of the thesis work is not expected.
For the submission of your thesis please follow the guideline bellow that is available at our Faculty webpage.

Please look for the course dedicated to thesis submission by using this link:

In order to enter the course for the thesis submission you have to log in the e-learning system with your Neptun ID and than the key "2020".
After login please look for the English name of your supervisor’s department. We kindly ask you to upload your thesis in one pdf file to the corresponding department. (Thesis works in English should be uploaded to the English name of the department.) In case of more than one participating departments in your thesis (co-supervisors), please upload it to the first (and only to the first) one. Every page of your thesis work should be watermarked with your name.
The signed Statement on public access and originality should be merged with the thesis because only one file can be uploaded by every student. Please before submission contact your supervisor.
1. After successful login to the course, the departments of the Faculty are listed where you can choose yours.
2. Please select the department where your thesis was prepared. You will see some additional informations (deadline etc.). Please click to Add submission here.
3. By using drag&drop method you, can simply drop your finalized thesis (in pdf) into the window, or upload it by giving the accession directory.
4. After successful submission, the name of the file is now visible. By clicking Submit assignment, the thesis is already submitted, and no modification is possible anymore.