Application Procedure

How to apply?

If you would like to take part in the ECTS mobility programme it is highly recommended that you follow the steps of the official arrangement, which lead to the successful study period abroad.

After having choosing a host institution, please look carefully at the host institution's information package and consult your ECTS departmental coordinator. First of all, you should identify a set of courses that potentially satisfies the academic requirements of your home study programme and your interests. This information on the different courses on offer may be obtained by the your ECTS co-ordinator at home. It is unlikely that courses can be found that match exactly a complete programme of study at the home university, so achieving credits which are fully recognised at home will require some flexibility on the part of the home university. You may also wish to include a second or even third choice of host institution in the application form, should the first choice of destination not be accepted. In this case, you, with the approval of the coordinator, will have to prepare a learning agreement for each intended destination 

Online nomination by the home institution

  • is obligatory,
  • takes place at the SOP Program (partners receive the website and instructions by e-mail),
  • is open
    • to nominate fall semester and whole academic year candidates: in May,
    • to nominate spring semester candidates: in October-November,
  • Exception: State scholars are not necessarily nominated online by their home university but they must be nominated officially by the Scholarship Board concerned.

Online student registration

  • is obligatory for all exchange students,
  • takes place at the SOP Program (See Student Registration),
  • can be accessed by using the login data that are sent to the students by e-mail as part of the nomination (see above),
  • is open*
    for fall semester registration: in May,
    for spring semester registration: in November,
    *the exact dates will be sent to the partners and to the nominated students,
  • is made up of two parts:
    Application Form (inSOP system):
     - Personal data and certain other details should be provided here.
    Course Registration (in Neptun system)):
     - Exchange students are invited to take courses from various units within the university. (See Courses.) However, applicants are discouraged from choosing courses offered at faculties/units that are close to their subject areas.
    - Exchange students are free to choose courses offered in English, German and French.
    - It works on a first-come – first-served basis (some of the courses fill up fast).
    - In general, the limit is 35 ECTS per semester at most and 1 course at least. We recommend taking 25-30 ECTS per semester.
    - Further important instructions (including general restrictions to course selection) are given in the Information section of the online system (under Courses in MOB).


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