Exchange programmes

Exchange students are those who wish to study at FHS for minimum one semester as a part of an official exchange programme (ERASMUS, TEMPUS, etc.) or those who are participant in a contractual exchange programme with a foreign university.

Students selected by each institution to participate in the ERASMUS exchange programme may be awarded a student mobility grant only if they fulfil the general conditions of eligibility for the ERASMUS grant:

  • students must be citizens of one of the EU Member States or citizens of one of the EFTA/EEA  countries (or recognised by an EU Member State or one EFTA/EEA  country as having official status as refugee or stateless person or permanent resident); as to EFTA/EEA nationals, students will be eligible provided they move within the framework of ERASMUS from the respective EFTA/EEA home country  to an EU Member State.
  • EFTA/EEA nationals registered as students in ECTS participating institutions in other EFTA/EEA countries or in Community Member States are only eligible for participation in ECTS if they have established a right of permanent residence;
  • students shall not be required to pay basic tuition fees at the host institution; the student may, however, be required to continue to pay his/her normal tuition fees to the home institution during the study period abroad;
  • the national grant/loan to which a student may be entitled for study at his/her institution may not be discontinued, interrupted or reduced while that student is studying in another Member State and is receiving an ERASMUS grant;
  • ne study period abroad should not fast fewer than three months or more than one year; students not finished the first year of their studies are not eligible to receive ERASMUS grants.
  • The exchange students are permitted to take courses from all departments of FFS. There are no  additional language requirements for exchange students, but it
  • highly recommended to take consider, that most of the courses are taught in the Hungarian language.  The courses that are taught by English and German can be found in the list of Courses.