Accomodation facilities

Budapest - the capital of Hungary - is the centre of education, culture and entertainment. Students can find hundreds of useful ways to spend the time.

Along with your application for study you may apply for student accommodations. There are different types of housing available. You can either live in one of the 3 bedrooms of the Student Hostel or rent a room on the private market, most of which will be in apartments shared with Hungarian students. Accommodation costs are about. EURO 150 (Student Hostel) and EURO 250-300 (private accommodations). Lunch served at the university canteen and at prices between EURO 2 and 3, but the breakfast and dinner can have in the Student Hostel at prices between EURO 3 and 5.

The average living costs in Hungary are between EURO 300 and 600,
includes a cost of Health Insurance per month.

Accommodation Office

Students can apply for accommodations in student hostel to Dean's Office of the Faculty.

Szent István University Buda Campus
Faculty of Horticultural Science, Dean's Office
1518 Budapest P.O.Box: 53

Resident Registration Office

Every resident in Hungary must register with the local Register Office if the duration of their stay exceeds three months. After finding accommodations students must register at the local resident registration office within one week.

Budapest Fővárosi Közigazgatási Hivatal
1056 Budapest, Váci u. 62-64.
Phone: +36 1 318 3933

In order to register, you must have the necessary documents:

  • passport
  • registration form (available at the registration office)
  • 2 photographs
  • certification of admission to the university