MSc in Horticulture for Hungarian and International Students

Horticulture is the most dynamic and colourful sector of agriculture. The tasks of horticultural engineers have been broadening and consist of not only cultivation and primary processing of plants but includes also management, consulting, organising activity, quality assurance, marketing and services. After graduation, the students will be able organising and leading the production and marketing of horticultural enterprises of different size and character, carry out the tasks of managers, counsellors, engineers, take part in research and education.

To fullfill these requirements, the master program offers knowledge in horticultural and natural sciences, interdisciplinary aspects, an up-to-date basic knowledge and practical skills. Beside the special horticultural modules (ornamentals, fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, grape and wine) the study program includes genetical, physiological, ecological, biometrical and related subjects.

During the study, the students have theoretical lectures, laboratory and farm practices, filed visits. There is a quite large freedom of the students in choosing courses according the personal interest. During preparation  of the thesis, they learn research practice, solving problems, synthetize results, thus, a possible PhD study is grounded. The study courses are completed by a 4 week’s farm practice period.

The program offers courses in the topics of breeding and biotechnology, plant and soil biochemistry, crop management, economics, crop ecophysiology and additional subjects. The curiculum consists of lectures, laboratory and farm practices. Students may choose a research topic – after the first semester – connected to one of the 5 horticultural branches (fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants, ornamentals and viticulture) or their interdisciplinary aspects. The thesis is based on individual research work and should be defended at the end of the 4th semester.

After graduation, the students will be able organising and leading the production and marketing of horticultural enterprises of different size and character, carry out the tasks of managers, counsellors, engineers, take part in research and education.

Requirements for entering the program

For foreign citizens:

  • academic BSc/MSc or equivalent degree in agricultural/life or related sciences;
  • English language (reading, writing, speaking, listening) knowledge.

Canditates are expected to have basic science knowledge (demonstrated in the transcript) in life sciences, natural resources, agriculture, economics. Based on the credits of the applicants obtained in former graduation, additional maximum 24 credits from missing disciplines may be required during the study.

Also eligible are applicants who will have completed a suitable degree by 31 July 2018, so that by the time of their enrollment they can present their diploma.

Candidates from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have an internationally accepted English exam: TOEFL iBT min. 65, PBT 500, CBT 200 or IELTS at least a score of 5,5 or Cambridge CAE Certificate). These can be replaced by documentation of at least 2 years closed higher education study in an English program.

For Hungarian citizens: identical with that of the Hungarian language teaching form

Shedules of the selection procedure

For foreign citizens:

  • Deadline for sending the application package: 16th April
  • Deadline of sending the application fee (100 EUR): 28 April
  • Notification on admission/rejection/sending of the „Contract for Tuition” (e-mail): 15 May
  • Deadline for sending back the ”Contract for Tuition” and payment of fee for the first 2 semester (3600 EUR): 30 May
  • Confirmation of the registration and possible start of visa application: after arriving the fee (at latest till 30 June)
  • Start of courses: Beginning of September 2018

In individual cases of application later then the above shedule, the process can be accelerated. However, for enrollment, in any case we need the arrival of „Contract for Tuition” and the tuition fee at latest till 14 July 2018.

For Hungarian citizens: identical with the application procedure for the Hungarian language teaching form.

Milestones of the study

  • Semesters: Mid September – Mid December
  • Exams: Mid December – End January
  • Firm practice: 4 weeks after the 2nd semester
  • Final exam: June of second year

Tuition fee: 1800 EURO/ semester (2 semesters must be paid in advance)

Includes the expenses of education and practices, using libraries, computers and internet at the Faculty rooms; all the advantages of a Student Card. The tuition fee does not include local travel, board, insurance, accomodation.

The fee of application procedure 100 EUR (paid in by 28 April, will be refund from the 2nd year’s tuition fee).

Accomodation and living expenses in Budapest: appr. 400-500 EURO/months.

Application package includes

  • application form (word.doc);
  • diploma of previous studies (official English translation);
  • detailed demonstration of former studies (English diploma supplement or official English copy of learning documents demonstrating the obtained credits and skills);
  • motivation letter in English;
  • copy of passport with photo;
  • documents demonstrating English skills.

Documents should be posted to the following address (sending the documents electronically does not substitute sending them also in originals!):

Szent István University
Faculty of Horticultural Science
Dean’s Office
H-1118 Budapest, Villányi str. 29-43., Hungary

Further information:

Final exam informations

Final exam topics (08.05.2018.) (PDF)

GUIDE for preparation of diploma thesis (17.05.2017.) (word.doc)

Academic Calendar for the 2017/2018 year