IV. SZIEntific Meeting for Young Researchers

Dear Students,
You are invited to the IV. SZIEntific Meeting for Young Researchers - Ifjú Tehetségek Találkozója conference.
We invite horticultural engineer, food engineer and landscape architecture BSc, MSc, PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers with Hungarian and English oral presentation or poster.
Deadline of registration: 16th of October 2020.
Deadline of paper submission: 13th of Novermber 2020.
Date and place of the conference: 7th of December 2020. Szent István University, Buda Campus, KLUB 1-3
For more information please visit: http://itt.budaicampus.szie.hu/
On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Kind regards,
Péter Bodor-Pesti, PhD