Application Procedure

Online nomination by the home institution

  • is obligatory,
  • takes place at the SOP Program (partners receive the website and instructions by e-mail),
  • is open
    • to nominate fall semester and whole academic year candidates: in May,
    • to nominate spring semester candidates: in October-November,
  • Exception: State scholars are not necessarily nominated online by their home university but they must be nominated officially by the Scholarship Board concerned.

Online student registration

  • is obligatory for all exchange students,
  • takes place at the SOP Program (See Student Registration),
  • can be accessed by using the login data that are sent to the students by e-mail as part of the nomination (see above),
  • is open*
    for fall semester registration: in May,
    for spring semester registration: in November,
    *the exact dates will be sent to the partners and to the nominated students,
  • is made up of two parts:
    Application Form (inSOP system):
     - Personal data and certain other details should be provided here.
    Course Registration (in Neptun system)):
     - Exchange students are invited to take courses from various units within the university. (See Courses.) However, applicants are discouraged from choosing courses offered at faculties/units that are close to their subject areas.
    - Exchange students are free to choose courses offered in English, German and French.
    - It works on a first-come – first-served basis (some of the courses fill up fast).
    - In general, the limit is 35 ECTS per semester at most and 1 course at least. We recommend taking 25-30 ECTS per semester.
    - Further important instructions (including general restrictions to course selection) are given in the Information section of the online system (under Courses in MOB).


ECTS grading, European ECTS grading scale