Application to organised education (PhD course)

Application for getting the degree may

  • following an organised PhD education and research activity
  • previous individual research results at least thorough 5 years and high quality publications

The organised PhD education is starting in each semester, but preferably in September. Application deadlines:  January 15th and May 31st each year.

For senior researchers (applying on basis of former individual achievements there is no fixed deadline, the application is continuous.

The PhD education is a four year activity (8 semesters). During this time period students have to fulfill 240 credits with the following activities: Courses and exams, practical work, study trips, research activity, experiments, publications and teaching. The first two years main focus is put on education and research. After the second year, students have to pass a complex exam showing their proper knowledge on the topic and the successful getting along with their research. The 3rd and 4rt years are mainly devoted to finishing research activities, writing publications and preparing the thesis.

Surpassing all the requirements during the 8 semesters, students would get a document called ’absolutorium’. After that the student may start with the degree procedure: final exam and defence of the thesis.

Obtaining the PhD degree is based on

  • passing successfully the professional final exam,
  • having a proper publication background,
  • successful defence of dissertation

Tuition fee: 6000 EUR/semester (payable at the beginning of the semester)

Application form is attached below. Additionally, you have to provide the following documents:

  • 3 passport photograph;
  • professional curriculum vitae;
  • copy of MSc diploma in English (or a certificated translation);
  • list of publications;
  • a recommendation from candidate’s university;
  • document referring to your proficiency in English language;
  • declaration of resources (see below);
  • a printed and signed form of application

Further information:Dr. Noémi Kappel
(scientific secretary)

Application form