Final Exam Schedule Academic Year 2019/2020. Spring Semester

Dear Students!
Hereby we would like to inform you about your final exam dates:
MSc in Horticultural Engineering HERE
MSc in Agricultural Biotechnology HERE
Please, be with you and close attention to it during the final exam:
  • ID card/passport
  • Be sure to bring mask and gloves
  • Have a pen with you
  • Arrive at the exam venue 20 minutes before your time (Please, don’t forget to check the exact schedule list!)
  • The buffet is closed on the Campus, so please arrange your meals
  • If you can't arrive by your specified time from your place of residence, (the address (es) in your Neptun setting!) please, let us know before 03/06/2020 (Wednesday) 4 pm o'clock to e-mail address!
  • If you are abroad at the final exam time and cannot be there in person, please, let us know to e-mail address about your online final exam!
Wish you successful preparation and learning for the exams!