Final exam informations

Dear Students!
Hereby we would like to inform you about your final exam dates:
BSc in Horticultural Engneering: HERE
MSc in Horticultural Engineering: HERE
Please, be with you and close attention to it during the final exam:
ID card/passport
Be sure to bring mask
Have a pen with you
Arrive at the exam venue 20 minutes before your time (Please, don’t forget to check the exact schedule list!)
The buffet of building K is open during the examination period
If you can't arrive by your specified time from your place of residence, (the address (es) in your Neptun setting!) please, let us know before 03/06/2020 (Wednesday) 4 pm o'clock to e-mail address!
If you are abroad at the final exam time and cannot be there in person, please, let us know to e-mail address about your online final exam!
Wish you successful preparation and learning for the exams!