MSc in Amenity Horticulture

The aim of the study is to provide Amenity Horticulture Engineers with the ability to work independently in order to create and sustain healthy human environment. They are aware of the ecological needs of plants and their propagation methods. They are able to fill planning and development engineering, research or leadership positions or continue their studies for a PhD degree.

Education is running as full time course.

The study period is 4 semesters.

For self financed students the fee is: 400 000 HUF/semester

The Amenity Horticulture Engineers are able to

  • apply the newest research results and methods as well as practical processes in horticulture and plant selection
  • fill leadership positions in horticulture and green area planting considering scientific, environmental, technological and economic requirements
  • apply the complex, interdisciplinary knowledge in connection with ornamental plants concerning cultivation, sale, quality control and sustainability
  • apply and develop ornamental plant cultivation systems with regard to the environment
  • identify scientific problems and find solutions to them using and managing research and development programmes and projects
  • critically adapt and creatively apply  scientific literature
  • dentify special problems, work out solutions, carry out innovative planning, development and research tasks
  • provide special counselling
  • manage projects and tenders
  • organise and control cultivation processes, apply research results.

Sample curriculum and compulsory subjects