BSc in Horticulture

To train experts in horticulture, who are able to manage and organize production processes of an enterprise, and perform basic professional management and advisory tasks; who are able to establish private self-supporting horticultural farms, and operate them economically; who have adequate knowledge in the field of distribution, processing and storing of products; furthermore who have adequate theoretical knowledge for continuing the training in the second cycle.

The Purpose of the Program

Program for training agrarian professionals in higher education, who is…

  • aquainted with the Hungarian and European agriculture as well as with food industry,
  • trained for modern professional skills based on comprehensive knowlegde in natural and social sciences,
  • capable for the managment and organization of horticultural production lines and for leading horticultural enterprises,
  • able to complete issues of the agrarian policy administration and for the tasks of a professional consultant,
  • acquainted with the recent results of the profession and utilizes them in the practice,
  • eligible for participating in master programs, based on his knowledge,
  • capable to establish professional relationships with foreign experts with his proper language skills,
  • intended to improve permanently his own attainments

Course Specifications

  • full time and correspondence courses
  • trainings in full time course in Hungarian or in English language
  • the study period is 7 semesters
  • tuition fee in English language: 1500 EURO/ semester (2 semesters must be paid in advance)


  • Fruit growing
  • Horticultural biotechnology
  • Medicinal plant production
  • Nursery operations
  • Ornamental plant production
  • Plant breeding
  • Vegetable growing
  • Viticulture

What the degree of a Horticultural Engineer is used for?

  • for the establishment and management of individual or family enterprises in horticulture
  • for holding a position of a manager or an executive manager in horticultural ventures
  • for job opportiunities at organizations of agrar policy administration as well as at agrarian or horticultural companies
  • for positions at professional associations or as a professional consultant.

How to continue after Bachelor Studies?

  • one may proceed to master studies (MSc) in Hungary or abroad
  • with MSc degree, there is a possibility to apply for doctoral (PhD) degree studies
  • professional translator degree can also be achieved with BSc
  • specialized professional knowledge is also available in postgraduate trainings

Requirements for entering the program

For foreign citizens:

  • high school graduation;
  • English language (reading, writing, speaking, listening) knowledge.

Candidates from countries where English is not the language of instruction need to have an internationally accepted English exam: TOEFL iBT min. 65, PBT 500, CBT 200 or IELTS at least a score of 5,5 or Cambridge CAE Certificate). These can be replaced by documentation of at least 2 years closed higher education study in an English program.

Shedules of the selection procedure

For foreign citizens:

  • Deadline for sending the application package: 15th April
  • Deadline of sending the application fee (100 EUR): 30 April
  • Notification on admission/rejection/sending of the „Contract for Tuition” (e-mail): 15 May
  • Deadline for sending back the ”Contract for Tuition” and payment of fee for the first 2 semester (3000 EUR): 30 May
  • Confirmation of the registration and possible start of visa application: after arriving the fee (at latest till 30 June)
  • Start of courses: Beginning of September 2016

In individual cases of application later then the above shedule, the process can be accelerated. However, for enrollment, in any case we need the arrival of „Contract for Tuition” and the tuition fee at latest till 14 July 2016.

For Hungarian citizens: identical with the application procedure for the Hungarian language teaching form.

Milestones of the study

  • Semesters: September – Mid December
  • Exams: Mid December – End January
  • Firm practice: 4 weeks after the 2nd semester
  • Final exam: June of second year

Tuition fee: 1500 EURO/ semester (2 semesters must be paid in advance)

Includes the expenses of education and practices, using libraries, computers and internet at the Faculty rooms; all the advantages of a Student Card. The tuition fee does not include local travel, board, insurance, accomodation.

The fee of application procedure 100 EUR (paid in by 30 April, will be refund from the 2nd year’s tuition fee).

Accomodation and living expenses in Budapest: appr. 400-500 EURO/months.

Application package includes

  • application form (word.doc);
  • high school graduation (official English translation);
  • motivation letter in English;
  • copy of passport with photo;
  • documents demonstrating English skills.

Documents should be posted to the following address (sending the documents electronically does not substitute sending them also in originals!):

Szent István University
Faculty of Horticultural Science
Dean’s Office
H-1118 Budapest, Villányi str. 29-43., Hungary

Sample curriculum and compulsory subjects