BSc in Agricultural Engineering in Environmental Management

To train experts in agricultural engineering in environmental management, who are able to perform directing and executive tasks concerning controlled utilization, effective protection and planned development of agricultural environment. Who effectively enforce principles of environmental management in the practice of sustainable agriculture, environment and landscape protection; furthermore who have adequate theoretical knowledge for continuing the training in the second cycle.

Education is running as full time course. For Hungarian citizens for state support (free of tuition fee) can be obtained.

For self financed students the fee is: 250 000 HUF/semester

The study period is 6+1 semesters.

Agricultural engineers in environmental management are able to:

  • do independent forming of environmental approach, apply modern agricultural technologies;
  • apply environment friendly and sustainable technologies;
  • operate environment direction system of enterprises;
  • execute sustainable land uses;
  • perform sustainable landscape management;
  • apply and control agrarian environment management systems in practice, and perform advisory tasks.

Agricultural engineers in environmental management are suitable for:

  • perform basic tasks of agricultural environmental management in micro-regional, settlement and estate level;
  • perform basic policy administration tasks of agricultural environmental management;
  • direct settlement garbage management tasks;
  • provide basic tasks of environment protection and policy administration.

Sample curriculum and compulsory subjects