BSc in Agricultural Engineering in Agricultural Computing and Policy Administration

To train experts in rural administration, who in possession of acquired theoretical and practical knowledge, capable of providing organization and direction tasks related to production, service and rural administration, interpreting and complex evaluation of rural resources according to European Union norms, furthermore of realizing rural development programs. Those who have completed the program have adequate theoretical knowledge for continuing the training in the second cycle.

Education is running as full time course. For Hungarian citizens for state support (free of tuition fee) can be obtained.

For self financed students the fee is: 250 000 HUF/semester

The study period is 6+1 semesters.

Engineers of rural administration are able to:

  • design, develop, direct, operate and provide management tasks of systems and applications of informatics in the field of rural administration;
  • apply tools and systems of informatics in solving problems of agriculture, rural and policy administration;
  • apply modern information-communication tools, methods and systems;
  • provide tasks related to design, create and manage databases;
  • operate rural administration applications, provide user services;
  • apply expert systems, smart resolves.

Engineers of rural administration are suitable for:

  • provide directing, organizing, official and administrative work in public and civil organisations providing central, regional and local administration, control and organization of agricultural economy;
  • provide administrative and expert tasks in organisations of the European Union;
  • provide direction and organization tasks in institutions comprising connection system between the European Union and the state, budget sector and agricultural economy.

Sample curriculum and compulsory subjects

Specialization areas and subjects